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All of our projects focus on helping science students learn

Many of these projects are conducted by students in Group Rowland. Prospective students can submit an expression of interest on the People page.


The ALURE project develops and resources academics to help students conduct and communicate undergraduate research on a large scale.

We investigate and publish on the design and implementation of ALURES (Authentic Large-scale Undergraduate Research Experiences). We also publish guides to help ALURE implementers design and deliver their initiatives.


SURJ is the Science Undergraduate Research Journal at UQ (ISSN: 2204-2458). Susan Rowland is the Editor in Chief.


Click on the CLIPS logo to go to the CLIPS website       (www.

Click on the CLIPS logo to go to the CLIPS website       (www.

CLIPS (Communication Learning in Practice for Scientists), is an online toolkit that allows students to interactively learn, revise, and master core components of science-focused communication. CLIPS hosts annotated examples of work, academic-provided explanations of “how to” do communication tasks, and explanations of what we look for when we mark student work. Students can use CLIPS to develop a robust understanding of expected standards. 

CLIPS also provides a simple way for academics to support large-numbers of students in an equitable, consistent, and efficient manner, providing a sustainable mechanism to improve communication skills in our science graduates. CLIPS is currently being delivered through Blackboard at UQ. We have also built a public CLIPS site (

Here are some sample CLIPS videos.

Academic Integrity

The problem of academic integrity is growing as for-purpose and for-purchase writing websites become more sophisticated. In this occasional paper we consider how to address this problem. 



SCIWILWORK is a new approach to employability for Science students. This innovative program helps students learn about work from all of their life experiences, not just from science work placements. SCIWILWORK is the focus of Susan's 2017 UQ Teaching Fellowship. 


Free Energy is a series of recorded interviews with science graduates and scientists. Some of the interviews are available online. We talk about their work, their careers, and what motivates them to do what they do.

If you want to know what a scientist does all day and what you can do with a science-based qualification, Free Energy is for you.